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Guidance Towards a New Normal

Your support, your thinking partner and your financial guide through your transition to a new normal.

Divorce Planning

Whether you are contemplating divorce or are in the middle of the process, we will work together to understand the financial side of your settlement options and forecast what your financial life will look like after the divorce.

The Reset - Get Organized and Get Moving

This three-month engagement helps you get organized financially and reestablishes your plan for moving forward. This service is best for women who want help creating a plan but are able to manage their own investments.

Collaborative Financial Planning with Investment Management

An ongoing service for women who want a long-term, collaborative relationship with regular planning, periodic check-ins and assistance in managing an investment portfolio.

A unique way of getting your finances in order

Our relationship begins with a unique four-step Reset process:

Step 1


Gain a clear picture of your resources.

Reorganize your financial life, including retitling and consolidating accounts, for a clear picture of all of your resources.

Step 2


Evaluate near-term decisions and prioritize.

Reassess your financial priorities and consider the near term decisions necessary to align with those priorities.

Step 3


Define your vision, clarify your goals.

Reimagine your future based on what you value most. Clarify and create the vision you’ll work towards.

Step 4


Allocate resources to your new vision of yourself.

Realign your resources, including your money, time and energy, with your new vision of financial and life success.

A Clear and simple investment Philosophy

A Diversified Approach to Matching Goals and Risk

You’ll start with a values discovery, move through comprehensive planning and end with an investment management strategy that truly aligns with your needs and values.

The ideal way to achieve your investment goals is investing in a broadly diversified, simple and low-cost portfolio, matching investment choices to the time frames of your goals and your attitude about risk.

Divorce Planning

$300 / hour

Gain the knowledge and support you need to make informed decisions that will shape your financial future. Understand the short and long-term financial implications of various settlement options. Feel confident that you are making the right decisions for your future with a CDFA by your side.

The Reset


Reestablish yourself with our four-step Reset. Over three months, you’ll reorganize, reassess your priorities, realign your assets and
reimagine your future.

For clients interested in support beyond their initial transition phase, ongoing planning and investment management is available.

Ongoing Planning

starts at $6,000 / year

Connect twice a year, in spring and fall, to engage with who you are and understand who you’re becoming. We’ll gain clarity around what’s currently happening in your life and how your financial plans are supporting the life you’re building for yourself.  This service includes investment management.

Alleviating Stress, Instilling Confidence

Help in alleviating stress and developing financial confidence as you work through the changes and challenges of your life.

A simple guide to get your finances organized

Feeling overwhelmed at the thought of managing your finances alone?
Everything you need to know about how to get organized is just a click away.