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Aligning Resources and Priorities for Newly Single Women

Helping women who find themselves suddenly single in mid-life, align their financial resources with their values to plan for the next chapter of their lives.

A personal welcome

You’re newly single. You have a lot on your shoulders. You aren’t even sure where to start managing all this. You don’t want to make mistakes that might put you (or your children) in a worse financial situation.

Find relief, take charge of your financial life and feel empowered to move forward for yourself and your loved ones. It’s time for the next chapter of your life!

You can work with us in three ways:

Solutions for Your Situation

Divorce Planning

Gain confidence and clarity by having a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst (CDFA) by your side prior to or during your divorce process.

The Reset

Get organized and craft a plan for financial well-being, with a short-term, six-month engagement that prepares you to move forward and manage your own investments with confidence.

Ongoing Support

Long-term, collaborative financial planning and portfolio management for a continually supportive financial relationship.

A Fiduciary for Women in Transition

As a fiduciary serving clients across the US, your best interests and financial wellbeing are always our top priority.

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A simple guide to get your finances organized

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